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Welcome to the Cancer Support Wiki! (Beta)
This wiki aims to independently collect Information related to cancer Support .
as for now this wiki is a draft to develop the Idea

About this wiki About this Wiki

  • This wiki aims to document struggles, ideas and efforts against cancer.
  • It could also be a useful tool to globally connect patients and support groups.
  • This wiki has a rational sceptic poit of view (like the Rational wiki)

General remarks:

  • This wiki does not aim to replace professional care
  • There are lot of other good resources on cancer
  • Learn more about This wiki in our FAQ.

News News

Inform Inform

Connect Contribute and connect

This Wiki is entirely community-supported and has no advertising. We appreciate contributions of time or expertise.

  • Contributing; learn how you can use your knowledge and time to help us.
  • Connect; learn how you can connect with other cancer patients and supporters.
This wiki is also availabale in other Languages: German / Deutsch .